About us


Indonesia’s first online Web portal in Australia


Nyariaja.com is an online source of trusted business and community services directory especially created for Indonesian businesses & communities in Australia to be well connected.

Nyariaja.com can be accessed through all devices.

Becoming part of NyariAja business and community network will ensure your businesses to have a platform where your products and services can be well integrated within our online communities to form meaningful working relationship and friendship.

Who is NyariAja for?

Our hope for Nyariaja.com is that it will be a one stop shop and a source of trusted business and community services directory for the Indonesian Communities and Businesses everywhere, in particular for those who live or intend to live or having a holiday here in Australia.

Do not wait any longer! Are you in??

Don’t miss the opportunity of getting your products, services and events viewed by thousands of our on-line communities. Include them in Nyariaja.com and submit your listing now!

Categories Available at Nyariaja.com:
Nyari Directory
(Business Directory)
Nyari Kerja
(Job Directory)
Nyari Properti
(Property Directory)
Nyari Acara
(Event Directory)
Nyari Barang
(Classified Directory)
Nyari Informasi
(Information Directory)


How can you submit your Listings to Nyariaja.com?


Step 1: Go to Submit Page.

(Each directory have each own submit page)

Step 2: Pick the Package.

Step 3: Fill in the details.

Complete all required details.

Step 4: Choose Payment Option

Step 5: Congratulations you have submitted your listing!

Double-check the Reference number to make sure your listing to be approved.

Step 6: You will be emailed when your listing is approved!